Women’s Role in Enviromental Management

In the modern society, woman and man have the same opportunity to make contribution in enviromental sectors2 min

In the modern  society, woman and man have the same opportunity to make contribution in some sectors, such as environment management and education. As a part agent of change, women’s participation is needed to keep the environment from the bad management. Since woman is usually associated to household, the women’s role in enviromental management can be realized in three ways, namely garbage sorting, selection of household products and environmental education.

First of all, woman can begin with something related with her daily life such as throw garbage separately. Managing garbage can be done by separating organic waste from inorganic waste. Organic waste is material that is biodegradable and it comes from either a plant or animal. They are affected by microorganism for broken down.[1]  For example, it made up from vegetables, fruits, food left-over, bones and others. Inorganic waste is material that is conatining chemical substances that are mineral origin, such as plastics, aluminium, bottle, straw and others.[2]

This sorting waste is important because it can be ease for woman to manage those garbage. A simply sorting garbage is separating trash fo each waste. Futhermore, they can utilize those waste on daily life, like to create their own compost from organic waste, create natural cleancing from orange peel, create handicraft from inorganic waste. In other hand, it also dustman sort those waste easly and it would impact the next process. So, it minimizes negative effects of waste.

Another measure can be taken by wisely selecting household products like eco-friendly products because it can suppress down the garage which were not decomposed.

Some matter must be considered for choosing eco-friendly products such as choose a cleanser product that contain biodegradable because it can be recycling naturally.

Furthermore, women can select product which was not contained dangerous materials such as mercury that usually contain on cosmetics, paint, battery and each others. In the other hand, a good management of using detergent and plastics as household products also can decrease a number of environmental issues.

Furthemore, woman can take their role on education to educate people who are surrounding them about environment. Environmental education can be divided into internal and external education.

Internal education is sharing knowledge about keeping environment to family members. For example, mom teachs their children to throw the rubbish on trash,  minimize using plastics, using plastic bag when shopping and save electrical use.

Mom also gives a good example in everyday life, so children can follow what their mom or dad did.

Whereas external education is sharing about knowledge or some ways to manage a healthy environment to society. For example, women join to an environmentally mobile community to get knowledge and to socialize about keeping environment, conduct some events like make organic compose and make handicraft from garbage.

In short, women’s participation in environmental management is needed because they are a part agent of change. There are  some women’s role in effort to keep the environment clean and safe, such as sorting the garbage in to organic from non-organic, selecting eco-friendly products as used in household and giving or sharing about environmental management.



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